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Gymnastics - WikipediaGymnastics is a sport that includes physical exercises requiring balance, strength, flexibility, ... Connection bonuses are where deviation happens most common between the ... The event in gymnastics performed on the floor is called floor exercise. ... Levels 9 and 10, and NCAA gymnastics all start below a 10.0 and require...【Get Price】

2020-2021 AAU NATIONAL GYMNASTICS PROGRAM ...Floor routines are not timed during competition – all levels, thereby ... to include all skills (major elements and/or a series of connections) performed out ... o Clarification Level 9 rules is 9.7 start value with .3 bonus – with full Level 10 bonus any...【Get Price】

WAG - Level 9 Skills - beam and floor | ChalkBucketThey both do a switch leap connected to a turning jump and a front layout dismount. I believe both routines start from a 9.8 with the bonus in the...【Get Price】

FIG MAG Age Group Program4. Overview and Philosophy of FIG Age Group Development Program. Page 9. 5 ... A. A multi-level competition program with compulsory routines and optional rules. ... Add any Connection Bonus that applies (Floor Exercise and Horizontal Bar...【Get Price】

2017 – 2020 CODE OF POINTS Women's Artistic GymnasticsIn competitions for nations with lower level of gymnastics development, as well as for Junior ... b) The D-Score on Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise includes the highest ... (as per Sec.9 for list of errors in dance elements) each time. X. X. X ... c) Series Bonus will be awarded for the connection of 3 or more acro...【Get Price】

Table of Contents - OHSAA27 Jan 2020 ... judging event other events, or any results on the competitive floor. ... Sectional/District – Must be a Class 1 (Level 9 or above) or Class 2 (Level 8). ... with turn or flight will receive +.20 bonus connection value (high school only.)...【Get Price】

Level 9 Gymnastics: What to know about the requirements ...12 Nov 2018 ... Connections can be awarded by combining elements of 'B' value (or higher) together. The .3 bonus is not required in order for a gymnast to...【Get Price】

2019 NCAA Rules Modifications - GymCasticOpen Scoring, Start Value, Scoring Range and Inquiries........9. 7. ... for the championships will be conducted according to JO level 10 rules as of 11/1/18. [Note: If the ... Principles for awarding Connection Value bonus on beam: ... A floor routine with only 2 tumbling passes must include a minimum of a D element in one of.【Get Price】

WTF Is NCAA Scoring – Floor Edition | The Balance Beam ...23 Dec 2018 ... NCAA floor has an additional up-to-level deduction that requires the final ... through which gymnasts can receive connection bonus on floor.【Get Price】

Level 9 Quick Guide - NAIGC-0.1 “B” or less difficult element connected to “B” Salto Dismount. 2. -0.0 “C” ... Bonus. 1. +0.1. “C”+”C” - No turn/flight (must be different elements). 2. +0.2. “C”+”C”...【Get Price】

TECHNICAL RULES AND REGULATIONS - Gymnastics Ontario23 Jul 2019 ... Level 6-9 Optional – competition held after Tour Selection until the first weekend in ... floor access etc. ... Max of 0.3 bonus for connections only.【Get Price】

A Beginner's Guide to Gymnastics Scoring – College Gym News19 Mar 2019 ... In level 10, meeting basic difficulty requirements means a gymnast's routine starts at a 9.500. ... need to compete high-difficulty skills and connections to earn “bonus points. ... tenth deduction) and “quality of movement to reflect personal style on floor” (up to 0.3 tenth deduction). ... March 19, 2019 at 9:21 am.【Get Price】

Bonus for level 9 | ChalkBucket - ChalkBucket.comI know on bars giant freehip connection is a bonus. Also I think on floor 1 1/2 turn connected to a wolf jump 3/4 . Im also a level 9 and would like...【Get Price】

usag uneven bars - NAWGJ15 Aug 2020 ... Level 9 / 10. 7 Score Sheet. Beam. Level 9 / 10. 8 Score Sheet. Floor. Level 9 / 10 ... SV flashed and / or written on scorecard (must indicated Vault Bonus credit). 3. ... 2) Element used in the exact same connection a 2nd time.【Get Price】

Beam pages - Nginfloor; if not, deduct “up to 0.10” for insufficient amplitude of front leg. 6). For the Stag-ring ... For Level 9 and 10, the lack of a dance connection for CV Bonus is not.【Get Price】

2022 USA GYMNASTICS JUNIOR OLYMPIC LEVELS 9 & 10 ...20 May 2018 ... Connection Value 0.1. 0.2 SR. Content. Level 10. *Turn/Flight C+C ... 10 9. A. 3. 3. B. 3. 4. C. 2. 1. SV. 9.5 9.7. L10: Extra +0.1 Bonus. (not in SV) if exer. has a ... each .10. Legs not parallel to floor in split or straddle pike ↑.20.【Get Price】

NDP Women's Gymnastics Routines General Levels 1 – 10 3 ...31 Mar 2017 ... LEVEL 9. Compulsory for National Squads. Plus Levels Pathway. Intermediate Pathway ... 0.20 Bonus for Handstand held for more than 2 sec. ... Deduct 1.50 for gymnastic element or connection. Deduct 2.50 for ... LEVEL 2 C. VAULT. BARS. BEAM. FLOOR. START VALUE – 11.00 START VALUE – 13.00.【Get Price】

Making Sense of Composition: Level 9 Floor - The Gymnastics ...To receive no deduction for acro up to the level, the gymnast must perform “C” saltos in each pass or C, C, B+B direct (3-pass routine), or C bonus connections in...【Get Price】

HIGH SCHOOL VAULT VALUES - Texas High School ...Floor Connection Value bonus: (All USAG JO Level 9 and 10 Connection Value Bonus rules apply). ○ Dance/Mixed Connective Value: A “D” salto connected to...【Get Price】

GUIDELINES FOR APPLICATION OF SPECIFIC ...AT LEVEL 9 & 10 - Effective August 1, 2017. LEVEL 10 ... Two Acro passes with “D/E” element plus a 3rd pass with minimum of a B+C Bonus Acro connection.【Get Price】

WAG National Voluntary Levels Rules September 2019Level 4 - 9 years - Pass Mark 48.00 ... FIG rules apply for Beam & Floor. ... A gymnast may perform as many different bonus connections of 2 mixed elements or 3...【Get Price】

MAG Manual 2018-2020 - Gymnastics New Zealand1 Feb 2018 ... Men's Artistic Gymnastics Levels 1-9, Under 18, Senior Open ... The whole of the floor area should be used and the routines should have a touch of style and execution. Pommel Horse ... One bonus skill available in Level 3 in each routine except Vault. ... held), or if skills in a sequence are not connected.【Get Price】

Understanding Competitive Gymnastics A Guide for ParentsLevels 8, 9, and 10 are optional levels. Level 7 is an optional level with certain compulsory skills required on each event. The Elite Level is for athletes beyond...【Get Price】

Women's Gymnastics Rules Interpretation Archive - NCAA.org1 Mar 2018 ... A: 9” +/-. Refer to USAG JO Code of Points; Vaulting; Sectional 11; 1. ... back dismount would she receive an “Up to the Level” deduction? ... Modifications; Balance Beam; 4.4 Connection Value bonus on beam; 2. ... Refer to the 2017 & 2018 NCAA Women's Rules Modifications; Floor Exercise; 5.2; Floor.【Get Price】

NAIGC Women's Rules12 Sep 2019 ... 3. On Bars, Level 9 connection bonus will be used as this is to the advantage of the gymnast. 4. On vault, all...【Get Price】

2019-2020-jo-manualJO LEVEL 9 PROGRAM . ... will be used as is for JO Levels 6-7-8 and 10. ... FLOOR. Bonus: Max 0.3. Max 0.2 awarded for Connection value. Max 0.1 awarded...【Get Price】

Skills Defined | Emeth Gymnastics8 Nov 2016 ... Levels 9 and 10 incorporate bonus points; Level 9s start from 9.70 and earn ... Floor: Connections of dance elements or an acro element plus a...【Get Price】

girls gymnastics judges' manual - NFHSthroughout the routine and finishes with an equal or higher level of difficulty than ... Bonus – This category is used to reward the gymnast whose performance ... the body in relation to the floor (i.e. height of leaps/jumps and aerials/saltos) and the ... 9. TAP SWING: A tap swing is a technique used to execute a giant or another...【Get Price】

JO Level 9 Floor - Routine Construction - This CGM Knows...31 Mar 2017 ... Connection Value Bonus. A level 9 floor routine begins with a start value of 9.7 if all the special requirements are fulfilled. The final three tenths...【Get Price】

Level 9 Gymnastics Requirements - Gymnastics HQ6 Jun 2018 ... Skills and requirements required at the Level 9 gymnastics level. ... One acro series with 2 saltos or 2 directly-connected saltos (can be the same ... Three different saltos within the floor routine; Dance passage with a minimum...【Get Price】